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This is a single suspension bridge from my historical inventory of suspension bridges. Follow the Inventory link for more information about the inventory.
1875 (swinging bridge)
Arroyo Grande, California, USA (Arroyo Grande Creek)
Bridgemeister ID:307
Coordinates:N 35.12336 W 120.57703
Maps:Acme, Google, MapQuest
Principals:Newton Short
Status:In use (last checked, 2007)
Main cables:Wire
Suspended spans:1
Main span:171f
  • A rotary club plaque at the bridge reads, "To connect his properties, Newton Short built this swinging bridge without sides about 1875. Sides were added after 1902. The bridge was given to the City of Arroyo Grande on July 14, 1911,... Due to severe storm damage, the bridge was rebuilt in 1995."
Photo by David Denenberg

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