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Simple Suspension Bridge Search

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Advanced Suspension Bridge Search

This keyword search will build a page of search results in the same format as the Inventory. Pick a search option and type a list of one (or more) words or phrases. Keep it simple. Most of the words in the inventory are proper nouns. Asterisk wildcards can be used. Words like "and" and "or" will be taken literally. Do not use search operators like + and -. See below for Tips and Examples. This is new and I am continually improving the search capability. Please feel free to email me if you don't get the search results you were expecting.

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  • If you choose "All of these keywords", all bridge entries containing every keyword will be returned in the search results.
  • If you choose "Any of these keywords", all bridge entries containing at least one of the keywords will be returned in the search results.
  • All search terms must be separated by a space. Use double-quotes for literal phrases (e.g. "Isle of Orleans").
  • U.S. state and Canada province postal codes are automatically converted for you to their full text. For example, you can type TX or Texas to retrieve all bridges in Texas.
  • You can search using the Reference abbreviations used in the Inventory.
  • Keywords bridge and bridges are ignored unless used in a compound or possessive word like footbridge or bridge's.

Search Examples

  • Find bridges across the Susquehanna, Delaware, or Hudson rivers:

    Any of these keywords: "Susquehanna River" "Hudson River" "Delaware River"

  • Find bridges in Alberta, Alaska, or British Columbia:

    Any of these keywords: Alberta AK BC

  • Find bridges that span between Texas and Mexico:

    All of these keywords: Texas Mexico

  • Find bridges that are mentioned in both Fritz Leonhardt's Brücken and David Plowden's Bridges: Spans of North America:

    All of these keywords: BFL BPL

  • Find bridges over the Rhône and Saône Rivers:

    Any of these keywords: Rhone Saone

  • Find bridges in which a Roebling or company John A. Roebling's Sons was involved:

    All of these keywords: Roebling*

  • Find bridges in New York or New Jersey:

    Any of these keywords: "New York" "New Jersey"

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