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2 suspension bridges were found for search criteria: ABC . All 2 bridges from the search results appear below. Wherever you see a "Bridgemeister ID" number you can click it to isolate the bridge on its own page. If you don't see what you were looking for, try an image search with the same criteria: ABC. This will find the bridge if it is pictured on the site, but is not a catenary suspension bridge.
1871 (suspension bridge)
Washburn's Eddy, New York, USA (Hudson River)
Bridgemeister ID:74
Principals:Robert Gilchrist
1928 (suspension bridge)
Idabel vicinity, Oklahoma and Clarksville vicinity, Texas, USA (Red River)
Bridgemeister ID:2378
Principals:Austin Bridge Co.
Status:Collapsed, 1932
Main cables:Wire (steel)
  • The November 1933 issue of The Wisconsin Engineer (a publication of the University of Wisconsin) has an article by C.W.P. Walter about research that was being performed by the University of Wisconsin's Engineering Department: "The particular hardware laden contrivance [in the Engineering Building] is a half-model of the Red River Bridge which carried light highway traffic between Clarksville, Texas, and Idabel, Oklahoma. In the early part of this year movement of the Red River as a result of flood waters washed away one of the intermediate piers supporting the end spans, and cause the cable to drop and be subjected to impact loading. It was contended by the company owning the bridge that the cable was overstressed and injured to such an extent that it would be necessary for the insurance company to replace the cable as well as the pier. A committee... was appointed to investigate the questions involved. While the investigation proceeded the Red River continued to scour away the foundation of the existing piers, ultimately causing the bridge to collapse completely."
  • AUB mentions this bridge very briefly: "In 1928, [Jim Diamond] was employed by Austin Bridge Company as a consultant on the super-structure and cable work for the White River bridge at Des Arc. Later in the same year, he represented the owners as job engineer on the bridge built by the Company across Red River above Clarksville, Texas."
  • The Texas Department of Transportation web site mentions in an article titled "Historic Suspension Bridges: Advent of the State Highway Department": "Five of the eleven suspension bridges built by [Austin Bridge Company] were toll bridges over the Red River. The Red River is notorious for its volatile, melting, red clay banks. The bridge between Clarksville, Texas, and Idabel, Oklahoma, was built by ABC in 1928, and washed out during flooding in 1932."

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