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This is a list of all 5 bridges from the suspension bridge inventory for the country South Korea. Wherever you see a "Bridgemeister ID" number you can click it to isolate the bridge on its own page. Click here to go to the list of countries.
1973 Nam-Hae (Namhae)
Noryang and Namhae, South Korea
Bridgemeister ID:473
Structurae ID:0008116
Use:Vehicular (two-lane heavy, with walkway)
Status:In use (last checked, 2006)
Main cables:Wire (steel)
Suspended spans:3
Main span:404m
Side spans:2 x 125m
Deck width:12m
2000 Yeongjong Grand (Youngjong)
Incheon, South Korea
Bridgemeister ID:883
Structurae ID:0005209
Principals:Samsung Corporation
Use:Vehicular and Rail (major highway)
Status:In use
Main cables:Wire (steel)
Suspended spans:3
Main span:550m
Side spans:2
  • Two decks with 10 lanes for vehicles and 2 for rail. Two main cables over A-shaped pylons.
2002 Kwang Ahn (Kwang-An, Gwangan)
Pusan, South Korea
Bridgemeister ID:962
Structurae ID:0003999
Use:Vehicular (double-deck)
Status:In use (last checked, 2004)
Main cables:Wire (steel)
Suspended spans:3
Main span:500m
Side spans:200m, 400m
2012 Yi Sun-sin
Yeosu, Jeollanam-do, South Korea
Bridgemeister ID:2578
Structurae ID:0061972
Coordinates:N 34.89924 E 127.7048
Maps:Acme, Google, MapQuest
Use:Vehicular (major highway)
Status:In use
Main cables:Wire (steel)
Suspended spans:3
Main span:1,545m
Side spans:2
Daedunsan Provincial Park, South Korea
Bridgemeister ID:2502
Status:In use (last checked, 2008)
Main cables:Wire (steel)
  • Along a popular Daedun Mountain trail that includes this bridge and a long steel staircase.

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