A quick tutorial of how to read the inventory. See example at the bottom of this page.

  • a. Clicking the blue dot will isolate an inventory entry on its own page. This is useful for printing or bookmarking a single bridge you spotted in a larger list.
  • b. The year of completion, when known, always appears before the bridge's name.
  • c. The bridge's name. If the bridge is (or was) known by several names, the first name will be the official name of the structure, or the most recent name, or the most common name by which it's known. If I am not aware of any name for the bridge, a generic description in parentheses will appear here, e.g. "(suspension bridge)," or "(footbridge)," or "(pipeline bridge)."
  • d. Alternate names, older names, or nicknames for the bridge.
  • e. Location of the bridge in terms of nearest municipality, state/province/department/etc., and country. If the bridge connects two municipalities, is associated with two municipalities, or the bridge's location is best described by noting two municipalities, then both will appear as in the example on this page. At the end of the location, parentheses enclose the geographical feature crossed by the structure and any park or feature enclosing the location of the structure.
  • f. An informal list of principal architects, engineers, construction firms, and other individuals involved in the design and construction of the bridge.
  • g. A small image of the bridge (when available). Clicking the image will take you to another page with a larger version of the image and, often, more images of the bridge with additional comments. In most browsers, hovering over the image will reveal the image credit.
  • h. Links to cited references. Direct links to the bridge's www.structurae.net page are also included in this section.
  • i. This section lists miscellaneous vital information about the bridge. A number followed by a lowercase 'f' is a measurement in feet; 'm' indicates a measurement in meters.
  • j. For many bridges, this section contains decimalized latitude and longitude coordinates for the bridge and a link to a popular mapping site. Clicking the link will open a map showing the location of the bridge.

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