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3 suspension bridges were found for search criteria: HHP . All 3 bridges from the search results appear below. Wherever you see a "Bridgemeister ID" number you can click it to isolate the bridge on its own page. If you don't see what you were looking for, try an image search with the same criteria: HHP. This will find the bridge if it is pictured on the site, but is not a catenary suspension bridge.
1890 Kellams (Little Equinunk)
Kellams, New York and Stalker, Pennsylvania, USA (Delaware River)
Bridgemeister ID:97
Structurae ID:0008257
O'Donnell ID:20
Coordinates:N 41.82333 W 75.11333
Maps:Acme, Google, MapQuest
References:BDR, HHP, PTS2
Principals:David Kellam
Use:Vehicular (one-lane)
Status:In use (last checked, October, 2006)
Main cables:Wire (steel)
Suspended spans:1
Main span:384f
  • BDR: Completed 1889. BDR also states the bridge underwent "major repairs" in 1936 including replacement of the wooden deck with a steel deck. I suspect the entire bridge was replaced at this time. Older photos of the bridge show wooden towers, a wooden deck, and a completely different cable arrangement.
  • Damaged by floodwaters June, 2006. Repaired October, 2006.
Photo by David Denenberg Photo by Patrick S. O'Donnell
1891 Lower
English Center Borough, Pennsylvania, USA (Little Pine Creek)
Bridgemeister ID:99
Structurae ID:0004762
O'Donnell ID:67
Coordinates:N 41.4349 W 77.28887
Maps:Acme, Google, MapQuest
References:HAERPA461, HHP, SSB
Principals:Dean & Westbrook
Use:Vehicular (one-lane)
Status:In use (last checked, 2004)
Main cables:Eyebar (steel)
Suspended spans:1
Main span:300f
Photo by David Denenberg Photo by Patrick S. O'Donnell
1904 Lordville-Equinunk
Lordville, New York and Equinunk, Pennsylvania, USA (Delaware River)
Bridgemeister ID:112
Structurae ID:0008003
Coordinates:N 41.867745 W 75.213789
Maps:Acme, Google, MapQuest
References:BDR, BOL, BPL, HHP
Principals:Owego Bridge Company
Use:Vehicular (one-lane)
Status:Demolished, 1986
Main cables:Eyebar (steel)
Suspended spans:2
Main span:347f
Side span:56f
Photo by David Denenberg

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