Murk Esk - Grosmont, North Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom

All photos by Dave Cooper. Please do not reuse without permission. Dave writes: "It is located over what used to be the trackbed for an early railway track alignment. The girders below the bridge may have carried the trackbed." Dave's comments accompany his photos below.

"Suspension bridge over the Murk Esk at Grosmont. Seen from the train."


"The towers are solid rolled iron or steel. They are the same general size as rails but are a different profile from the usual flat bottomed rail. The profile is more that of a bullhead rail."


"One of the suspension bars. Note support for the hand rail."


"One of the suspension bars. Note support for the hand rail."


"View of the east side of the bridge looking south."


"View looking south with the original rail tunnel in the background. The original line was horse drawn."


"One of the joints in the bars running from the tower top to the anchors. I could not see the anchor detail because they are buried."


"Northern tower with pedestrians for scale."


"The foot bridge is on the right. The railway is a heritage line."


"The Sir Nigel Gresley is an A class steam loco. It is the same type as Mallard that holds the world speed record for a steam driven main line loco."


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