Burn of Aberlour - Aberlour, Scotland, United Kingdom

All photos by Dave Cooper. Please do not reuse without permission. Dave writes: "It is located about one hundred yards south of the Victoria (Penny, Aberlour) Bridge and is on the eastern side of the River Spey. A local retired whisky distillery worker pointed it out to me after he spotted me photographing and taking notes at the 'Penny Bridge.' He was in his early 80s and said that he could remember having to pay a penny to cross the [Penny Bridge]. He said that this new bridge over the Burn of Aberlour (a tributary of the River Spey) had been built by a Gurkha regiment that had been temporarily stationed close by. The bridge is in use as part of the Speyside Way -- a long distance foot/cycle path. It was built to replace a partly demolished single-track rail bridge. The stone abutments are original. The towers are made from 8-inch steel 'H' beams. The towers are 12 feet tall. The main cables are 1 inch diameter. The suspended span is 76 feet long."







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