Brazos River - Weatherford vicinity, Texas, USA

All photos by Tony King. Please do not reuse without permission. Tony's first photo appears to show a pier and footing from a tower or support of the Brannon's Crossing suspension bridge. Tony writes: "I live in Weatherford and have done a lot of exploration and nature photography along the Brazos in Palo Pinto and Parker Counties of Texas. Just downstream from the modern Interstate 20 bridge in western Parker County, I've noticed a concrete and iron structure, and happened to take a photo of it recently... I've noticed the structure a couple of times in the past (most recently in May of 2007) while hiking a well-worn foot/ATV path that parallels the west bank of the river as it flows almost due south from the Interstate to Meeks Bend. I've never paid it a whole lot of attention, but it is unusual enough that it always gives me pause when I stumble upon it; I almost completely forget about it between each incident of 'rediscovery.' While there this past May to do some nature photography, the river was up enough that I couldn't take my usual path of walking straight down the middle of the river on the sandbars and instead had to take the foot path along the west bank. There it was again and I took a photo this time."


Tony writes: "This is a view across the Brazos, perhaps 50 to 75 yards further south (downstream) from my mystery structure, on the same side and looking towards the east (more accurately, east by northeast). Unfortunately, I didn't attempt to take a shot from the structure itself looking across the river; in fact, it may be impossible to actually see any of the river from the structure due to trees. I would guess that the 'pier' (I'm going to call it a 'pier' for lack of a better term) is perhaps 30 yards from the present west bank of the river as it currently flows."


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