James River - Buchanan, Virginia, USA

All photos by David Denenberg, please do not reuse without permission. This interesting footbridge crosses the James River at the same spot where US11 crosses the river. To access the southern end of the bridge, you need to walk a few yards out onto the US11 highway bridge. The first few feet of the bridge are probably treacherous during icy conditions as you need to step down and around a slight curve. Even a gentle walk sends the bridge into Tacoma-like tortional undulations. Signs posted at either side warn, "Walk Carefully. Do Not Run Or Cause Bridge To Sway." Easier said than done. You can see more photos of this bridge from another visit here.



Those are the main cables disappearing under the US11 highway bridge.


The pigeons have an overwhelming preference for the southern tower. If you look carefully, you can see at least eight of them up there. You can even see the discoloration of the deck under the tower, whereas the northern tower, had no pigeons and no droppings. I'm sure this behavior could make a great study for some ornithologist.

ddvabuchanan1-4.jpg   ddvabuchanan1-5.jpg


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