Onomichi and Imabari, Japan

All photos by Patrick S. O'Donnell. Please do not reuse without permission. These photos were taken in 1998. Patrick writes: "The two traffic lanes (one each direction) take up only half the deck width, with the pedestrian and bicycle lane taking up one quarter and the remaining quarter left unused ready for expansion. I'd imagine eventually they'd do away with the pedestrian and bicycle lane to open this bridge up to duel lane traffic each way. The pedestrian and bicycle lane would have to be cantilevered off one side of the aerofoil deck. This bridge is in the middle of the Onomichi-Imabari route of bridges which includes other suspension bridges such as the the Innoshima, and the Kurushima complex of three suspension bridges in a row. The Tatara Cable-Stayed Bridge (as well as several others) also are found on this route; with all bridges including pedestrian and bicycle access - the only route of the three Honshu-Shikoku routes to do so. During my visit in 1998 this route was a year shy of being complete with construction remaining on the Tatara and the three Kurushima bridges. Also under construction was a paralleling cable-stayed bridge to one with only two lanes already in existence immediately outside of Onomichi. Sure enough with the completion of this route it would be only a matter of time before the Ohshima's deck is modified to stay in line with all the others."




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