Pine Creek - Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania, USA

All photos by Patrick S. O'Donnell (except the postcard image at the end). Please do not reuse Patrick's images without permission. This appears to be the remnants of the Jersey Shore suspension bridge. Patrick provided coordinates for the remnants on both sides of Pine Creek. On the west side, Patrick was at this location. On the east side, he was at this location. His comments accompany the photos. A fuzzy image of the suspension bridge appears at the bottom of this page.

"With my back to the new bridge, this shot is of the western approach of the old bridge. Note the concrete to the right and the stone to the left. Perhaps the stone is from the original construction and the concrete from a time when the bridge was 'modernized'."


"Not much further to the left of the previous picture, but further within the overgrowth is this the abutment that appears to have contained the anchorage."


"[Next three photos] from at grade of the rods that may have been the terminus of some type of suspension system. These are located on the northern end of the anchorage/abutment."




"Looking down at the southern end rods while standing on the anchorage/abutment."



"The next two images are of the approach from the other side from where my first picture was taken. How convenient a makeshift ladder was here to help me get down."


"This is to the left of the previous image. Again the stone / concrete materials are noticeable."


"This is the abutment on the East end. I'm leaning towards the possibility that this was a point where there was a tower as I could not find any rods sticking out like that of the Western approach. There's a building just 20 feet from this end of the bridge, so perhaps it's resting on the old anchorage's location. With that realization, with the abutment/anchorage location on the Western end being so close to the water's edge would indicate the need for a pretty good substantial pier in the middle of the Pine Creek for the tower on that end of the bridge."


"Standing on the new bridge looking up the Pine Creek Valley with the US 220 bridge in the foreground. Barely noticeable is the PA 44 bridge in the distance."


"Shot while standing on the PA 44 bridge looking up the Pine Creek Valley with an unobstructed view."


For comparison, a poor image of the suspension bridge.


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