Stony Creek - Hooversville, Pennsylvania, USA

All photos by Patrick S. O'Donnell. Please do not reuse without permission. Patrick noted the interesting tubing covering the turnbuckles and cable ends (somewhat unsuccessfully). Patrick also noticed the "integrated" tower and anchorage foundations. The bridge was destroyed during a flood and rebuilt in 1996.





The metalwork at either end of the bridge does not appear to match. Compare this photo with the last photo. I would guess that this side survived the 1996 flood and was reused from the original bridge. The other side looks new. In June of 2005, Devina Horvath of Hooversville wrote to support my theory, "the end with the Pepsi machine was completely torn up from the ground, as debris from upstream built up on the bridge (the river was very high). The town had bake sales and fundraisers in order to rebuild the bridge, it was a very successful drive, and the other end with the memorial plaque was probably saved to cut costs."



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