It is difficult for me to respond to all incoming email in a timely fashion. Please read the following guidelines before sending your email to

Thank you,
David Denenberg

If you are sending images... First, thank you for taking the time to send your photos. Please be clear about whether I have permission to use your images on my site. I generally will not use submitted images unless you have rights to the images or they are clearly in the public domain. If you do not have rights to the images, then I will keep them for reference in my personal archives and not distribute or publish them.
If you are seeking permission to use photos from I review requests for permission on a case-by-case basis. Please be clear about how you wish to use the photos. This will help expedite your request.

Requests for permission to use contributor's photographs will be passed on to the contributor for their consideration.
If you want to buy prints of my photos for personal use... I do not sell prints of my photos. On a limited basis, I can provide you with a free high-resolution image of the photograph. However, many of my older color photos were scanned from cheap 4x6 prints that have deteriorated over the last 15 years. For these older photos, the quality of the image may be limited by the quality of the print and the limitations of my scanner.
If you are sending information about a bridge... Thank you. I appreciate all information. Please just keep in mind that it's difficult for me to respond to everyone right away. Also, even if your information does not end up on my site, it does go into my archives which are far more extensive than what you see online. All information is appreciated.

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