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This is a list of all 4 bridges from the suspension bridge inventory crossing Whitewater River. Please note that different rivers with the same name will be grouped together. For example, selecting 'Bear Creek' shows bridges across several different Bear Creeks. Also, similarly named rivers are grouped separately. For example, 'River Dee' (UK) bridges are grouped separately from 'Dee River' (Australia) bridges. Wherever you see a "Bridgemeister ID" number you can click it to isolate the bridge on its own page. Click here to go to the list of crossings.
1868 Calloway's Ford (Whitewater, Harrison's)
Elizabethtown vicinity, Hamilton County, Ohio, USA (Whitewater River)
Bridgemeister ID:68
Principals:John Gray, Morse, Young
Status:Removed, 1920
Main cables:Wire (iron)
Main span:475f
Deck width:22f
  • This bridge was located where present-day Suspension Bridge Road crosses the Whitewater River next to I-275 and north of US50. According to information provided by Sharon Lutz from Marjorie Byrnside Burress, this bridge was renamed "Harrison's Suspension Bridge" in 1891. This should not be confused with the nearby suspension bridge at Harrison.
  • According to the information provided by Sharon Lutz from Marjorie Byrnside Burress, "Crossing this bridge was the main thoroughfare from Indiana into Ohio for many years (US 50 was not completed by then). [In 1920] it was decided that the Suspension Bridge had become obsolete and could no longer safely withstand the weight of vehicles. [On May 19, 1920] the cables were severed by means of an oxygen flame, the weight of the cables pulled down some towers. Other towers were weakened by dynamite at their bases and later they were pulled down by the weight of the cables severed at one end with an oxygen flame."
  • See 1873 Harrison - Harrison, Ohio and Dearborn County, Indiana, USA.
Postcard, collection of David Denenberg
1873 Harrison
Harrison, Ohio and Dearborn County, Indiana, USA (Whitewater River)
Bridgemeister ID:81
Principals:James W. Shipman and Co.
Use:Vehicular (one-lane)
Status:Destroyed, 1913, by flood
Main cables:Wire

Postcard, collection of David Denenberg
1988 (footbridge)
Richmond, Indiana, USA (Whitewater River - Whitewater Gorge)
Bridgemeister ID:2307
Coordinates:N 39.83331 W 84.89902
Maps:Acme, Google, MapQuest
Status:In use (last checked, 2007)
Main cables:Wire (steel)
Photo by Stuart Brorson
2005 (footbridge)
Cambridge City, Indiana, USA (Whitewater River - Creitz Park)
Bridgemeister ID:2306
Coordinates:N 39.81527 W 85.16978
Maps:Acme, Google, MapQuest
Principals:Milestone Construction Co., Jim Sweet
Status:In use (last checked, 2008)
Main cables:Wire (steel)
Suspended spans:1
  • Replaced a 1928 suspension bridge at the same location which had been destroyed by heavy snow and debris, December 2004. This predecessor appears to have been a drooping bridge.
Photo by Stuart Brorson Photo by Wayne Grodkiewicz

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