This page lists photo submissions for bridges in Vermont. Thank you to everyone who's taken the time to contribute photos.

mwvtbigbranch-thumb.jpg Big Branch Suspension Footbridge
Big Branch of Otter Creek - Mount Tabor, Danby vicinity, Vermont, USA New!
(Matthew Wels)
sbvtbrugmann-thumb.jpg Bob Brugmann Memorial Suspension Footbridge
Mill River - Clarendon Gorge, Rutland vicinity, Vermont, USA New!
(Sanford Bragg)
ddvtfoot-thumb.jpg Green Mountain Roamers Gateway Snowmobile Bridge
Winooski River - North Duxbury, Vermont, USA
(David Denenberg)
mwvtlamoille-thumb.jpg Lamoille River Suspension Footbridge
Lamoille River - Ithiel Falls, Vermont, USA New!
(Matthew Wels)
ddvtchester-thumb.jpg School Street Suspension Footbridge
Williams River Middle Branch - Chester, Vermont, USA
(David Denenberg)

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