This page lists photo submissions contributed by James Adorno . Thank you to everyone who's taken the time to contribute photos.

jakybigfour-thumb.jpg Big Four Railroad Bridge
Ohio River - Louisville, Kentucky and Jeffersonville, Indiana, USA
jatndayton-thumb.jpg Dayton Suspension Footbridge
Richland Creek - Dayton, Tennessee, USA
jaflhillsborough-thumb.jpg Hillsborough River State Park Suspension Footbridge
Hillsborough River - Hillsborough River State Park, Florida, USA
jaalhortonmill-thumb.jpg Horton Mill Covered Bridge
Calvert Prong of the Little Warrior River - Oneonta vicinity, Alabama, USA
jainlaugherycreek-thumb.jpg Laughery Creek Triple-intersection Pratt Truss
Laughery Creek - Aurora vicinity, Indiana, USA
jatnmarketst-thumb.jpg Market Street Bridge
Tennessee River - Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA
janhmilford-thumb.jpg Milford Suspension Footbridge
Souhegan River - Milford, New Hampshire, USA
jarupushkinsky-thumb.jpg Pushkinsky Pedestrian Bridge
Moskva River - Moscow, Russia
jarutrinity-thumb.jpg Trinity Bridge
Neva River - Saint Petersburg, Russia
jatnwalnutst-thumb.jpg Walnut Street Bridge
Tennessee River - Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA

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