This page lists photo submissions for bridges with names that start with the letter "U". Thank you to everyone who's taken the time to contribute photos.

wgohusgrant-thumb.jpg U.S. Grant and Carl D. Perkins Bridges
Ohio River - Portsmouth, Ohio and Fullerton, Kentucky, USA
(Wayne Grodkiewicz)
powaumtanum-thumb.jpg Umtanum Suspension Bridge
Yakima River - Yakima and Ellensburg, Washington, USA
(Patrick S. O'Donnell)
dcukunion-thumb.jpg Union Suspension Bridge
River Tweed - Horncliffe, Berwick-upon-Tweed vicinity, England and Fishwick, Scotland, United Kingdom
(Dave Cooper)
dddeunterturkheim-thumb.jpg Untertürkheim Rail Bridge
Neckar River - Untertürkheim and Wangen, Germany New!
(David Denenberg)
poidupperwarmsprings-thumb.jpg Upper Warm Springs Pack
Warm Springs Creek - Clearwater National Forest, Idaho, USA
(Patrick S. O'Donnell)
wgwimenomoneestayed-thumb.jpg US41/US45 Cable-stayed Pedestrian Overpass
US41/US45 - Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, USA New!
(Wayne Grodkiewicz)

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