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This is a single suspension bridge from my historical inventory of suspension bridges. Follow the Inventory link for more information about the inventory.
1839 Saint André-de-Cubzac (Cubzac)
Saint André-de-Cubzac, France (Dordogne River)
Bridgemeister ID:550
Structurae ID:0000898
References:AAJ, HBE, PTS2
Principals:Marie Fortuné de Vergès, Emil Martin
Status:Destroyed, 1869
Main cables:Wire (iron)
Suspended spans:5
Main spans:5 x 109m
Deck width:23f
  • This is perhaps one of the most fanciful large suspension bridges ever built.
  • Destroyed in a storm, 1869. Its replacement (a truss bridge) was completed in 1883. The approaches and the bottom halves of the suspension bridge towers were strengthened and used for the replacement. Compare the photos of the replacement Structurae to the images of the suspension bridge below.
  • AAJ citing Engineering News-Record: "Vergès used inclined tie cables running from the top of the tower at one end of a span to a roadway-level connection on the opposite tower."
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