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This is a single suspension bridge from my historical inventory of suspension bridges. Follow the Inventory link for more information about the inventory.
Burnt Ranch vicinity, California, USA (Trinity River - Six Rivers National Forest)
Bridgemeister ID:2408
Main cables:Wire
Suspended spans:1
  • Completed 1915-1917, likely removed, 1970s.
  • An article in the October 29, 1971 edition of The Times-Standard (Eureka, California) describes this bridge as being located over the Trinity River at New River. USGS topographical maps show a footbridge a few hundred yards north of the intersection of the two rivers at Gray Falls. The article has a photograph of the bridge and describes its possible replacement. The bridge was already closed at the time of the article: "A 50 year-old picturesque footbridge across the Trinity River at New River will be replaced if special funds can be obtained by the Six Rivers Nalional Forest, the federal agency has decided. 'Strong supportive response from people throughout the area to the continued need for a bridge' was reported by Forest Supervisor Bob Allison. The responses came after the Forest Service solicited comments in August on the replacement need for the span. The new bridge would be nearly as possible a replica of the present bridge constructed sometime between 1915 - 1917 by Jim and John Larson. It served as the main link between Denny and the outside world."

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