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This is a single suspension bridge from my historical inventory of suspension bridges. Follow the Inventory link for more information about the inventory.
1986 Te Rata (Berryman)
King Country, New Zealand (Retaruke River)
Bridgemeister ID:2097
Principals:New Zealand Army, John Armstrong
Status:Collapsed, March 22, 1994
Main cables:Wire (steel)
  • Collapsed under weight of a light truck driven by Kenneth Richards killing Richards. Built by the New Zealand Army for the Berryman family, the bridge's collapse precipitated a long legal battle between the Berrymans (on whose land the bridge was built), the Occupation Safety and Health Department (suing the Berrymans over Richards' death) and the Army (accused of concealing a report stating the bridge's collapse was partially due to a design flaw).
  • Replaced Hayes - Retaruke, King Country, New Zealand.

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