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This is a single suspension bridge from my historical inventory of suspension bridges. Follow the Inventory link for more information about the inventory.
2002 Nagisa
Aomori Prefecture, Japan (Nakamura River)
Bridgemeister ID:1991
Status:In use
Main cables:Wire (steel)
Suspended spans:1
Main span:110.15m
  • In a paper title "Construction of Nagisa Bridge Hybrid System of Cable Stayed PC Bridge and Steel Suspension Bridge" (by Yuzuru Sato, et. al.) the bridge is described as "The structure of this bridge is a hybrid structure of cable-stayed prestressed concrete bridge and steel suspension bridge. It is the first application as this structure type of bridge in the world. Concrete girders near pylons are supported by stay cables. Steel girders are supported by suspension cables in the central part of the span. This is new type system for prestressed concrete bridges with longer span and has many structural features compared with ordinary cable-stayed bridge and suspension bridge." and makes comparison to Arnodin suspension bridges where cable stays are the primary support for part of the deck.
  • See 1879 Saint-Ilpize - Saint-Ilpize, France.
  • See 1887 de l'Abîme - Cusy and Gruffy, Haute Savoie, France.
  • See 1898 Rouen Transporter - Rouen, France.

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