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This is a single suspension bridge from my historical inventory of suspension bridges. Follow the Inventory link for more information about the inventory.
1913 Swinging
Tishomingo, Oklahoma, USA (Pennington Creek)
Bridgemeister ID:129
Principals:Western Bridge Company
  • The description on the back of a postcard reads: "The only remaining swinging bridge in the state of Oklahoma crossable by automobile spans beautiful Pennington Creek in Tishomingo. The guaranteed strength of the bridge is 164 tons and is located 3 blocks south of the old Chickasaw Capitol on South Capitol Avenue. The bridge was built by Western Bridge Company of Sherman, Texas and was dedicated November 28, 1913."
  • Destroyed by flood.
  • An article in the April 7, 1964 issue of The Ada Evening News (Oklahoma) titled "Tishomingo Acts To Save Famed Bridge": "Tishomingo's Swinging Bridge, a landmark since Territorial days, may yet be saved from the junk man. Indeed, with a little luck, it may be put back into service to carry traffic across Pennington Creek as it did in its heyday. Some 25 persons attended a regular city council meeting Monday night to urge that the bridge be repaired; and the council appointed a committee to look into the cost of such a project. "It looks favorable," Mayor Lee butler said Tuesday. "It looks like we might get it repaired." The old suspension bridge has been closed to traffic for several years. Floor planks have rotted and fallen away, and the whole structure was condemned as unsafe. The problem of financing has held the city back from repairing the ancient structure. However, Butler said the county commissioners have offered to help, and quite a few individual citizens have promised donations to assist the project. When the committee reports back on the cost, Butler said, the council will be ready to take action."
  • The bridge must have been repaired in the mid-1960's and reopened. An article in the July 9, 1978 issue of The Ada Evening News (Oklahoma) titled "Repair of Tishomingo's Suspension Bridge Slated": "Work is expected to begin in the near future on the renovation of the suspension bridge here which spans Pennington Creek. The landmark structure and last swinging bridge in the state open to vehicular traffic was closed last May when city officials deemed it was 'too dangerous' to keep open due to its deteriorated state. In an effort to reopen the bridge as soon as possible, the Tishomingo City Council acted last week to approve funding for materials necessary to repair the 65-year-old structure and has arranged for participants in the Young Adult Conservation Corps camp at Sulphur to provide the manpower needed for the work. Frank Glover, head of the Tishomingo street department, said the Johnston County commissioners have also promised to aid in the repair of the bridge. Glover said he hopes the renovation will be completed this summer. He estimated materials for the work will cost the city about $5,000- $6,000. The bridge will have to be renovated from the bottom up, including the replacement of the entire wooden floor, Glover said. He said city officials are still looking for someone knowledgeable about the construction of suspension bridges to aid in the repair of the structure."
Postcard, collection of David Denenberg

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